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MISSION: To protect our children from all forms of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse, through a collective voice that promotes community responsibility.

To achieve this Mission, POCC's community education and engagement strategies, as well as its policy and practice priorities are guided by the following Principles.

  1. Preventing child abuse and protecting children is a shared community responsibility; every person has a role to play.
  2. Every child has the right to live in a safe, nurturing and healthy family connected to encouraged and supported caregivers.
  3. Preventing all forms of child abuse and maltreatment must be a higher and sustained priority throughout our Commonwealth.
  4. At the time of initial disclosure, a child should be believed and protected accordingly.
  5. All interventions should encourage disclosure through a safe and stable process and lead to comprehensive, timely, and on-going child-centered services.
  6. All community members should be encouraged to report child abuse and reporting should be as straightforward as possible.
  7. Mandatory reporting requirements must be matched with an expectation of and commitment to high-quality training that is woven into continuing education and licensing requirements for individuals and institutions.
  8. Every abused child should be connected to multidisciplinary child-focused investigations to promote collaborative fact-finding and to minimize the child's trauma.
  9. Every child should have full and immediate access to trauma informed physical and behavioral health care services with continued support and monitoring for longer term affects of physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse and trauma.
  10. Timely, collaborative and prevention-focused responses must be the priority for public and private partners from the time of initial reporting, during investigation and through any resulting judicial proceedings; such responses require adequate public resources.
  11. All reasonable and appropriate efforts should be made to permit a child to safely remain at home and to ensure that out-of-home placement is utilized when it is in the best interest of the child and in response to situations where either a child's safety cannot be assured or the custodial care is intended to be temporary.
  12. When dependent children are placed in foster care, there must be a commitment to guard against disruptions and multiple out-of-home placements.
  13. Dependent children and youth, regardless of age, deserve the permanency that is often better achieved in a permanent family that provides the least restrictive environment where they can achieve legal permanency and connectedness to a nurturing support system.
  14. Decisions for every at-risk or abused child and the systems that support them must be informed by data, driven by research, and implemented by properly trained and supported professionals.
  15. Greater transparency and accountability are required of publicly funded services that directly impact the safety, liberty, and custody of the state's children and families.
  16. Perpetrator accountability should reflect and incorporate an understanding of the life-long impact on child victims' lives as well.
  17. Recognizing that disclosure often does not occur until the child victim is well into adulthood; survivors require and deserve the opportunity to pursue justice and the full range of victim services.


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