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Candidates Corbett & Onorato Address Child Protection

POCC had the opportunity to meet with research and policy staff from both Mr. Corbett and Mr. Onorato’s Gubenatorial campaigns. The meetings were an attempt to gain insight into each man’s strategies to prevent child abuse, strengthen families and achieve targeted child welfare reforms. In addition to those face-to-face meetings, POCC provided both candidates with specific questions for their responses as well as a comprehensive set of recommendations.

Mr. Corbett and Mr. Onorato were asked to respond
to the following questions by October 14th:

  1. What three specific fiscal or policy strategies would you enlist within your administration to prevent child abuse and build the confidence and competence of parents ?
  2. How do you plan on increasing the availability of and access to high-quality voluntary home visiting services for families most at risk?
  3. Will you establish and adequately fund a state-level independent Child Protection Ombudsperson? If not, please outline strategies you will put forth to improve accountability and transparency within Pennsylvania’s child welfare system.

To read the response from Mr. Corbett click here and from Mr. Onorato please click here and click here. You can learn more about the candidates’ positions at and

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